Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A little progress

Work on site continues. Since my last post they seem to have completed the drainage connections and sent me the specifications for my plot. They have also laid part of the road surface that will go through the development. You can really start to see the shape of the development. They've levelled the site so that on my side it's a good 50 cm above the nearby street which might help with heavy rain.

But there's still plenty to do. The curb-stones and sidewalks need to laid, they were digging a trench and laying a small pipe in the northern part of the site yesterday and the neighbouring streets are a mess of holes and partially covered trenches.

Most of this was done before the holiday break and nothing much seemed have happened while I was away. However now there's plenty of things happening again.

The house building company and surveyors appear to be raring to go. They've contacted me several times and I keep having to put them back. And the bank wants to transfer the land ownership soon too.

Unfortunately G+S Wohnbau have been as incommunicative as ever. However since they are now beyond their contracted completion date I was able to apply some leverage. Following a couple of very strong emails I finally seem to have some movement on their side. An apology for the delays and the failure of communication and a designated point of contact. But more importantly an appointment with the notary to complete the land transfer and access to my plot for surveyors etc. I had to point out that actually my plot is under a small mountain of earth right now so it's a bit early for surveyors, but it's progress.

G+S Wohnbau say that they expect completion at the end of January or beginning of February. They've said thing like that before. But if I can get access to get started then that's not so important. We will see...