Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The first bills

I already had to pay the rather expensive notary fee before I had news of the result of the council meeting. This is a legal cost and had to be paid no matter the outcome. On top of that there was a reproduction fee from the council for some document.

Both of those paled in comparison to cost of the land transfer tax. Amazingly the bill for that arrived only a couple of days following the decision of the council, not time wasted there!

So bills are arriving. And all these have to come out of the deposit, not the mortgage. There will be many more and much bigger ones to come...

I passed by the site at the beginning of the week, and about 10 days after the council decision there's no sign of anything happening. I'm being impatient I know but I doubt the developer can make their six week schedule if they don't start soon. If nothing happens by the start of next week I will have to start asking questions.

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