Saturday, 7 March 2015

One step forward, 10 months back

Well it looks my optimism was premature. In an article on General-Anzeiger it seems that I'm not the only on frustrated by delays. The couple in the article are already submitting their planning application and have been trying for several months only to be prevented by both the lack progress on site and re-zoning of the land. Re-zoning may be approved next month but building approval takes an average of 10 weeks so the couple forecast that they may only be able to begin building in September. That's a 10 month delay before even starting!

Allkauf wouldn't prepare my planning application until the land was in my name so I've been stuck at an earlier stage. I knew that the application was now the time-critical step but the fact that the land is not yet re-zoned and the slow procedure means it must go in asap. Then there will be another long wait.

It seems clear that the Gemeinde Swisttal is mostly to blame for the delay. The ridiculous political situation delayed the development by months and the lack of significant progress re-zoning the land will cause further delays. However G+S Wohnbau are far from innocent in this matter. Their slow progress on site has significantly contributed to the delays. But what is more troubling is that they have been aware of the situation at every step but have not been transparent with the buyers of the land. Again I find myself finding out about the project from the local newspaper not the developer.

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