Sunday, 10 August 2014

Setting the meeting with the notary and confirmation from Allkauf

It's been a week since I signed up with Allkauf. The agent for the land wanted to set a date for signing the land registry with the notary. Unfortunately my financial broker warned that it can take a bit more time to get the necessary energy efficiency certificate for the plan from Allkauf (needed for the low interest rate loan from the government). Thankfully the agent was happy to put the meeting back a week which should give us plenty of time.

The firm doing the ground testing for water table and strength have been in contact but can't do anything until the whole area is divided into plots. This is important as the affordability of the basement is dependent on the cost of the groundworks (which will be estimated from this result).

Allkauf called me on Friday to check to see if all was going ok and if I needed an appointment with the. For now that's not necessary but it's nice that they're keeping in contact. At home there was the confirmation form Allkauf HQ of everything we had discussed the week before.

They also gave me a log-in for their client website. At first glance it's all pretty daunting with lots of required tasks for the client. But taking it one stage at a time I hope it will be manageable.

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