Sunday, 10 August 2014

The plot

Like the houses in NRW good plots of land do stay on the market for long. In fact most of the house building firms offer a 'plot service' to help find suitable land. No sooner had I started going through appointments than a plot became available in a small village less than 20mins drive from work. It has good fixed line internet speeds, LTE, gas and a direct bus to the central station.

I didn't waste any time and set an appointment to meet the seller. It's currently a sports field that will be split into twenty-something individual plots. I reserved a corner plot furthest from the L-road (similar to a B-road in the UK). Not that the L-road has much in the way of traffic but it does come with noise restrictions that have to be considered.

Work should start in August once some migratory birds have left for the winter. The road and sewer connection should be built in the months following. Hopefully the plot should be available for the start of construction in November.

The next step is finding the house building firm and getting the financing sorted out.

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